Why Competitive Feelings Are Good For You

Being competitive can have an ugly connotation in our society. It has become, in some ways, synonymous with greed, envy and narcissism. But feeling competitive isn’t always about climbing the ladder, winning the race or getting ahead. Competitive feelings are completely natural. Moreover, they’re unavoidable. Like it or not, we all feel competitive a lot… Read more »

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Does Failure Motivate Students?

By Roxio Roman   As a college student I have always been interested in the inner workings of education. As a Psychology major I developed a special interest in why it works, or doesn’t. What are the aspects of education that we as students, parents and teachers should look out for, protect, defend, or sometimes… Read more »

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Steps To Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes begin with setting Intention. If you don’t have an intention, it easy to lose commitment to action. Intention is not a goal but an overarching frame for the “why” of doing something. For example, someone might have a goal of losing weight, but an overarching intention of feeling well, with more vitality for… Read more »

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