ideal relationship

5 Most Important Relationship Resolutions

No matter what stage we’re in in a relationship, we tend to wonder what the future holds. No two people, or two couples for that matter, are the same, so how can we predict where the road will take us?  The truth is we can’t. Relationships are complicated and uncertain territory. Yet, in my years… Read more »

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The Fantasy Bond Explained: A Free Webinar Event with Dr. Lisa Firestone

Defining the Fantasy Bond This video, featuring exclusive interview clips with Dr. Lisa Firestone and Dr. Robert Firestone, will give you a brief understanding of what it means to be in a Fantasy Bond and how to identify if you suffer from a Fantasy Bond in your own intimate relationship. To learn more about The… Read more »

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What are the Qualities of an Ideal Relationship?

There are certain characteristics people can bring to their relationships that will drastically improve the dynamics between them and their partners. Psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone explains some of the qualities people can aim for that will help them feel closer and more fulfilled in their intimate relationships.

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