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VIDEO: Mindfulness Meditation and Happiness

In her interview with PsychAlive Senior Editor Lisa Firestone, Dr. Donna Rockwell talks about mindfulness meditation as a shortcut to realizing happiness. It increases our overall sense of wellbeing and allows us to be here.  You know, we can’t be ...

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Five Questions for a Better New Year

New Year’s tends to be a time of looking forward. Yet, in our effort to set goals for the future, it’s meaningful to reflect on the past year and make sense of what our experiences have meant to us. What can they ...

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The Joy of Sadness

Upon exploring my psychological issues rather late in life I discovered something entirely unforeseen: that while I had been unconsciously avoiding feeling “sad” my entire life this emotion was not only satisfying but a key to who I really am. ...

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How to Succeed in Life Without Really Trying

All right, so that title is probably a tad misleading. But how many of you thought, “Really? Great! Sign me up!” I did, and I wrote it. Recently, success has been on my mind. Not so much the I’m-going-to-strike-it-rich-quick variety, ...

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A Happy Couple Makes for Happy Kids

Everyone knows that a happy marriage makes for a happier you but most don’t stop to ponder the psychological implications of a happy marriage for the children. Being loved by your partner and loving your partner in return makes you ...

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Generosity – What’s in it for you?

What we are thankful for is important, but what we give others to be thankful for is even more important. Generosity is no longer the selfless act we’ve long thought it to be. Studies now show that one of the ...

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