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6 Suggestions for Parents in the Digital Age

suggestions for parents in the digital age

Technology – Taming the Tiger Technology is here to stay. Like a tiger, it is fiercely powerful, agile and needs to be handled with care.  Technology has become a staple in our lives, helping us with every thing from keeping ...

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Benefits of Mindful Parenting

You’re running late, picking up some last-minute groceries. Your 7-year-old is dressed for baseball practice, and your 3-year-old has just kicked off her shoes in the middle of the freezer aisle. Frantically, you attempt to put her shoes back on, ...

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Are You the Parent You Want to Be?

As parents, examples of ways we slip up with our kids occur almost every day. Take a typical scenario of butting heads with your seven-year-old over cleaning his room. At first, you nicely suggest he start tidying up his mess. ...

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6 Things Kids Need From Adults to Feel Valued

Kids are a rather interesting group! They perceive the world entirely differently than adults do and their expectations far outweigh the typical adult’s. Their understanding of themselves in this big world makes them susceptible to a host of emotions, some ...

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A Happy Couple Makes for Happy Kids

Everyone knows that a happy marriage makes for a happier you but most don’t stop to ponder the psychological implications of a happy marriage for the children. Being loved by your partner and loving your partner in return makes you ...

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