Content Section: Video - Intimacy

Helpful Tips on Ending a Fight

There are things we can change in ourselves that will put a stop to endless arguments and pointless fights with our partners. Dr. Lisa Firestone talks about one of the best techniques for getting along in our relationships.

The Fantasy Bond

The Fantasy Bond, fear of intimacy, psychalive, the glendon association

The question of why love fades can be explained by the concept of the fantasy bond. Dr. Lisa Firestone helps us understand how and why this form of relating hurts our intimate relationships.

How We Defend Against Love

Even though we all say we want love, there are many ways we protect ourselves by sabotaging our relationships. Dr. Lisa Firestone explores why and how we act out these destructive patterns with our partners.

Why We Keep Making the Same Bad Choices

How often find do we find ourselves choosing the same type of partner or winding up in the same seemingly unworkable relationship? Dr. Lisa Firestone explains some of the reasons we make the choices we do, and how this impacts the dynamics in our relationships. Are we choosing the wrong person, or are we sabotaging… Read more »

How We Learn to Relate

What causes us to act the way we do in our relationships? Why do the words that come out of our mouths sometimes feel foreign to us? Dr. Lisa Firestone explains the source of some of our behavior in our closest relationships.

The Importance of Independence, Understanding and Respect

Seeing each other realistically and respecting each other as separate individuals are key in maintaining an ideal intimate relationship. Dr. Lisa Firestone elaborates on the reasons independence and understanding are so important for a couple.

What are the Qualities of an Ideal Relationship?

There are certain characteristics people can bring to their relationships that will drastically improve the dynamics between them and their partners. Psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone explains some of the qualities people can aim for that will help them feel closer and more fulfilled in their intimate relationships.

Achieving Sexual Intimacy

How do our critical thoughts and self-conscious attitudes prevent us from getting close physically? Psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone talks about the thought processes that can get in the way of experiencing sexual intimacy and ways of overcoming these distancing patterns.

Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone explains some key changes you can make to achieve a closer, more honest and loving form of relating with your partner.