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What We Need to Know to Prevent Suicide

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See slides from “What We Need to Know to Prevent Suicide” here

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  • If you are a mental health professional or interested in a longer, more in-depth presentation on suicide prevention, watch Dr. Lisa Firestone’s archived CE Webinar “Suicide: What Therapists Need to Know.”
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In this Webinar:

In this free Webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone teaches the warning signs of suicide as well as the helper tasks that can save a life. The Webinar will help participants to recognize when someone is in crisis and will teach the tools for all individuals to be able to reach out to those suffering. Dr. Firestone sheds light on what goes on in the mind of someone who is suicidal and talks about steps people can take to stand up to the destructive thought process that drives the suicidal state.

Recommended Books

Suicide and the Inner VoiceConquer Your Critical Inner Voice


Recommended Films

coverUnderstanding and preventing suicide Voices Of Suicide coverFOS_FINAL



The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline If you or someone you know is in crisis or in need of immediate help, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is a free hotline available 24 hours a day to anyone in emotional distress or suicidal crisis.

International readers can click here for a list of helplines and crisis centers around the world.


Cognitions in Suicide

The Warning Signs of Suicide

How You Can Help Someone Who’s Suicidal

These clips are from the documentary Understanding and Preventing Suicide produced by The Glendon Association. You can order the full version of this film on DVD by clicking HERE.

About the Presenter

Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. Dr. Lisa Firestone is the Director of Research and Education at The Glendon Association. An accomplished and much requested lecturer, Dr. Firestone speaks at national and international conferences in the areas of couple relations, parenting, and suicide and violence prevention. Dr. Firestone has published numerous professional articles, and most recently was the co-author of Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships (APA Books, 2006), Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice (New Harbinger, 2002), Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: The Wisdom of Psychotherapy (APA Books, 2003) and The Self Under Siege (Routledge, 2012). Follow Dr. Firestone on Twitter or Google.

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Anne McInnis LCSW

I work in an out-patient mental health facility. We have a lot of patients who have or are suicidal so I am very interested in this webinar. Thank you.


Yes, the Webinar will be recorded. If you sign up in advance, you will be sent a copy of the recording. There are no CEUs for this particular Webinar.

Loney Jacob

I am from India. Due to the time difference I may not be able to attend the live session. Can I get a recorded version for later viewing? I am signing up. Thank you.

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