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Protected: Stop Feeding Your Worry: Understand and Overcome Anxious Thinking Habits

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Stop Feeding Your Worry: Understand and Overcome Anxious Thinking Habits

  In this Webinar:  Dr. Danny Zamir will provide an in-depth understanding of excessive worry (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, “GAD”) based on the latest research on this topic. He will explore why we worry, the behaviors that we engage in that keep us feeling worried, and how to stop worry from undermining enjoyment of life. This… Read more »

Supporting Men’s Peaceful Transformation

In this Webinar: Founder and Facilitator of “Men Creating Peace” Devon Gaster will introduce an effective approach to working with men, who have caused harm in intimate partner relationships. Webinar participants will become familiar with the patterns and behaviors that keep men stuck in abusive cycles and learn ways to create a safe environment for… Read more »

Protected: Supporting Men’s Peaceful Transformation Webinar

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Collaborative Communication: A Powerful Tool for Couples

In this Webinar:  In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Firestone will explore collaborative communication as a powerful tool for couples to gain a deeper understanding of the other and achieve more balance and closeness in their relationship. Many of our relationship problems come down to the way we communicate. In order for two people with two… Read more »

Protected: Understanding Our Emotional Triggers

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Understanding Our Emotional Triggers

In this Webinar:  This special CE webinar aims to answer three essential questions: What are your emotional triggers? Where do your triggers come from? How can you best handle your triggers and shift your reactions to be more adaptive? We all have those moments when all of a sudden one statement or action directed toward… Read more »

How Do People Become Violent and How Do They Get Better?

In this Webinar:  In this enlightening webinar, Dr. James Garbarino, a leading expert on violence, will present a developmental perspective on human violence with special focus on youth violence in the United States. He will address the developmental impact of childhood trauma and adversity on acts of human violence. He will further explore the role… Read more »

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Now Active Across the United States!

suicide prevention

Watch the webinar here! In this Webinar:  This free webinar will address how the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline works and answer these vital questions: – What happens when people call, text, or chat with 988? – How does ​reaching out to the 988 Lifeline assist a person thinking about suicide ? – Can someone… Read more »

Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Supporting Students in the Mental Health Field

In this Webinar:  There is a lack of racial and ethnic minorities in the field of psychology, with some estimates showing that the psychologists consist of up to 88% white individuals in the workforce.  This webinar will closely examine this lack of diversity and the multiple implications that it has on the mental health field… Read more »