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Understanding and Preventing Teen Suicide: CAMS-4Teens™ as an Effective Treatment Approach

In this Webinar: This webinar will give participants a deeper understanding of the topic of teen suicide and teach effective ways to support and treat at-risk teens. The presenter will review the current state of teen suicide, including discussion of teen suicide rates and how they have been increasing for teens from various groups. Whether… Read more »

ADHD 2.0: How It Manifests and Effective Steps To Address It

In this Webinar: The first step to a better life with ADHD is to learn all you can about it and the common associated conditions. The more you understand how it manifests in you or someone you love, the better you will be able to treat it by building on strengths and unique traits and… Read more »

The Art of Wellness: Strategies to Maintain Your Mental Health

In this Webinar: In this Webinar: In honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week, we are pleased to offer this interactive webinar hosted by suicidologist, Dr. Lisa Firestone, and featuring Kevin Hines, mental health advocate and suicide survivor. Whether you are struggling with your own mental health or are seeking to better understand and support someone… Read more »

Suicide Prevention: Tools to Save a Life

In this Webinar: Although many of the challenges of the past several years are behind us, a lot of people are still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. One way this is apparent is in the dramatic rise in suicide rates over the past several years. This has led more and more of… Read more »

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Through the Lifespan

In this Webinar: Although substantial progress has been made pertaining to LGBTQ+ rights over the past decade, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to continue normalizing diversity in gender and sexual minority individuals. While young people in many states are beginning to come out and be… Read more »

When Love is Not Enough: Purpose-Centered Couple Therapy

In this Webinar: In this webinar, Dr. Stan Tatkin will discuss what predicts long-term success in adult romantic relationships. He will explain how purpose and shared vision sets the stage for meaningful, long-lasting relationships, and how a lack of purpose, shared meaning, and shared principles of governance (guardrails that protect partners from each other) are… Read more »

Protected: Stop Feeding Your Worry: Understand and Overcome Anxious Thinking Habits

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Stop Feeding Your Worry: Understand and Overcome Anxious Thinking Habits

  In this Webinar:  Dr. Danny Zamir will provide an in-depth understanding of excessive worry (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, “GAD”) based on the latest research on this topic. He will explore why we worry, the behaviors that we engage in that keep us feeling worried, and how to stop worry from undermining enjoyment of life. This… Read more »

Supporting Men’s Peaceful Transformation

In this Webinar: Founder and Facilitator of “Men Creating Peace” Devon Gaster will introduce an effective approach to working with men, who have caused harm in intimate partner relationships. Webinar participants will become familiar with the patterns and behaviors that keep men stuck in abusive cycles and learn ways to create a safe environment for… Read more »

Protected: Supporting Men’s Peaceful Transformation Webinar

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.