Is Candy Evil?

On Halloween our children indulge in flights of the imagination, flirting just as often with the concepts of princesses and firemen as with the concepts of the paranormal, the macabre, the wicked.  Is candy a piece of the shadowy, sinister, malevolent tenor of the holiday?  Spawning visions of the evils of tooth decay, financial decay, moral decay?

In the article, “Is Candy Evil, or Just Misunderstood?” Juliea Moskin follows Samira Kawash as she explores the various facts and fictions, truths and misnomers, about this often maligned yet hard to resist food that, in her words, “At least …is honest about what it is. It has always been a processed food, eaten for pleasure, with no particular nutritional benefit.”  Today, she said, every aisle in the supermarket contains highly manipulated products that have those qualities.

To follow her fun and interesting journey, click here.

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