Tamara Hill

Támara Hill, MS is a therapist specializing in child and adolescent behavioral and mood disorders including trauma. She works with families to help them understand their options within the mental health system and helps kids utilize their strengths in the home, school, and community. As an internationally quoted therapist and media contributor, Tamara aims to empower families from various walks of life to gain further knowledge and rediscover authentic living. Visit her sites at Anchored-In-Knowledge or Caregivers, Family, & Friends.

Blogs by Tamara Hill

6 Things Kids Need From Adults to Feel Valued

Kids are a rather interesting group! They perceive the world entirely differently than adults do and their expectations far outweigh the typical adult’s. Their understanding of themselves in this big world makes them susceptible to a host of emotions, some good and some bad. Because children have not fully developed their persona, skills, and self-esteem,… Read more »

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Keeping depression at bay: Embracing new purpose during the holiday

As I sit here listening to Pandora’s array of beautiful holiday music, I find myself reflecting on things that have occurred over the months leading up to Christmas and New Year’s day in both my personal life and in the lives of others around the world. We have experienced so many things this year: The… Read more »

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Adolescent Suicide: Speaking Up for Our Children

Our children need adults and health professionals to step up, evaluate their problems, advocate for them, and provide support so that they can become healthy adults. Suicidal thinking among adolescents, typically known to be vibrant and carefree citizens, is a reality that we adults would rather ignore. However, ignoring the problem only perpetuates lack of… Read more »

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