tips for better sleep

The Hidden Powers of Gratitude

Four science-backed reasons to practice more gratitude… and three ways to do it Laughter has long been hailed the best medicine, but a growing body of research is showing gratitude to be a major player in the path to a happy and healthy existence. Scientific findings have revealed that when we make a habit of… Read more »

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How to Escape the Vicious Cycle of Anxiety and Insomnia: A 10-Step Guide

As far as nasty bedfellows go, anxiety and sleep deprivation are insidious. Each is the other’s self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you give in to worry, the more likely you are to lose sleep over it. The more you struggle with insomnia, the more likely you are to feel anxious. You start worrying that you won’t… Read more »

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Why Sleep is So Necessary and in Such Short Supply

Lack of sleep can lead to Anxiety, Depression, Decreased Immune Function, Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. We are a deeply sleep deprived society relying more and more on pharmaceuticals to correct this dysfunction. Myths and Beliefs about Sleep to Mention and Clarify: That we don’t need that much sleep as we get older… Read more »

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