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Secrets to a Less Stressful Life

You’re at your desk, about to log off for your lunch break, when you hear the ding of an incoming text. You read the message from your partner saying, “Meeting got moved. Can’t get kids from school today.” By the time you glance back up at your screen, an email has come in from your boss,… Read more »

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6 Things You Should Know About Depression

October is National Depression Screening Month. One in 10 Americans struggles with depression. A common misconception about depression is that it is something people can just “snap out of.” Unfortunately, for those people who experience major depression disorder, it’s not that simple. While depression can be serious, it is far from hopeless. There are effective… Read more »

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Mindfulness – The Nitty Gritty of Attunement

Watch and read our exclusive interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Another metaphor for it would be even the greatest orchestras, they don’t start playing Mozart and Beethoven even though they’ve got the greatest musicians, the greatest instruments.  First, they tune.  First, they tune.  And they took a long time to tune to themselves and then they… Read more »

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