Addiction: The Causes of Abuse and Dependence And How to Break the Cycle

If a woman, a singing sensation, like Amy Winehouse, surrounded by her manager, family, doctors, and bodyguard could be victim to the destruction of addiction… what hope do we have? Writer Sarah Walker describes the wrenching experience of watching a beloved sister deal with a series of drug addictions. Standing by while a friend, a… Read more »

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Addicted to Doomed Relationships?

If we were asked, as an exercise, to craft a personal ad detailing what we want in a partner, it may read something like: Seeking someone who is kind and patient, independent yet loving, laid back, yet energetic. Someone who is confident but isn’t afraid to laugh at him/herself. Someone attractive but down to earth…. Read more »

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Addictions and addictive behaviors are appealing because they offer immediate relief from psychological pain and anxiety. However the relief is only temporary; they never provide a lasting solution to our problems. When we “sober up” we find that our emotional pain is still there. A serious side effect of addictive behaviors is that they do… Read more »

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