coping with loss

Losing Kobe: Why We Experience Grief and Sadness for People We’ve Never Met

When my oldest son called to share the devastating news with us, my mind wandered to memories of Lakers games we’d taken him to in Bakersfield, L.A., and Charlotte. At the time, we were ‘Californians’ and a trip to the Staples Center was quality family weekend time. Kobe was always there.  My youngest, a California… Read more »

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Dealing with Grief

Dear Dr. Nita,  I cannot shake the sadness of losing a cousin and dear friend who went out drinking and after an accident had complications and died at the hospital. We were very close and in my meetings, after the mention of it one time, I got no support for talking about it. I don’t… Read more »

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Gaining Awareness Through Loss

One of the saddest things I have read in a long time was this gut-wrenching excerpt in the New York Times (2/23/10) about a Haitian earthquake survivor: “Don’t cut off my leg!” Fabienne Jean screamed repeatedly as she was carried through the gates of the General Hospital here after the earthquake. “I’m a dancer. My… Read more »

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