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Dealing with Unresolved Trauma

Recently, a friend of mine who suffers from chronic lower back pain came back from yet another visit to the doctor with a bit of unexpected advice. Instead of the usual discussion of shots, medications, physical therapy, or even surgery, his doctor recommended a book, Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection. The book by… Read more »

Panic Attacks: What You Need to Know

In my work as a clinical psychologist, I love when I get contacted by someone who wants therapy for anxiety. From OCD to phobias, I know that there are things that I can tell them in our first meeting that will help them to start to overcome a condition that, for many people, is excruciating… Read more »

Who Do You Think You Are? And Why You May Be Wrong

When you get a wrong idea about who you are as a child, you can face a lifetime of trying to prove or disprove that identity. Neither extreme reflects who you really are.   “I was the outgoing one in my family, not the beautiful one, not the smart one, and definitely not the talented one.” This statement… Read more »

Suicide Prevention Advice

Suicide is such a disturbing subject that discussing it is often viewed as being socially unacceptable. However, when the subject is opened up, it is surprising how many people reveal that their lives have been directly touched by suicide. Suicide is upsetting and confusing. How can someone be so turned against themselves that they would… Read more »


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