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For those Living with Mental Illness by Michael D. Rosberg Ph.D.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Michael D. Rosberg Ph.D. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to the PsychAlive mental health community. In the coming months I will be blogging about the issues facing persons suffering from a major mental illness, along with the important issues facing the families and friends of these… Read more »

How Having Breast Cancer Taught Me to Live

The blond, petite technician glanced at me as she re-entered the room carrying my mammogram films. Why is she looking at me like that? I thought. My suspiciousness, my “normal” state of mind in any doctor’s office, escalated into paranoia; my internal alert system climbed from yellow, skipped orange and headed straight into the red…. Read more »

Imperfect Parenting: Rupture and Repair

One of the things I know for sure as a parent is that I’m constantly being challenged to look at myself—my reactions, my intentions, my foibles and my regrets. Barely a day goes by that I don’t reflect on some aspect of my interactions with my daughter. Many times I feel pleased about our relationship,… Read more »

Nerf Guns – What Are We Afraid of? by Debra Kessler, Psy.D.

For the holidays I gave a Nerf gun to my 8-year -old nephew. He was delighted. It was his first Nerf gun. He took great joy in taking aim at the window, door or any place where he was allowed to shoot. It was the first time I saw genuine spontaneous pleasure cross his otherwise… Read more »

Open to Emotion

I was in Trader Joe’s the other day. Next line over was a boy and his mom. Suddenly, wails billowed from his little three-year-old body. He was holding his mouth, pointing to the shopping cart. The nasty steel contraption that is so fun to hang on, had somehow come alive and pinched his lip. His… Read more »