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What’s Wrong With Infidelity?

Studies show that between 30 and 60 percent of married individuals in the United States will cheat on their partner at some point in their marriage. Infidelity has increased significantly among married couples in their 20s, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that, “Between 1991 and 2006, the numbers of unfaithful wives under 30 increased… Read more »

What is Killing Our Soldiers?

The Time Magazine cover story, “One a Day” recently alerted us to the heartbreaking high-rates of suicide among our military. In June, The Associated Press reported that “the 154 suicides for active-duty troops in the first 155 days of the year far outdistance the U.S. forces killed in action in Afghanistan – about 50 percent… Read more »

Recognizing Complex Trauma

Treating trauma is a task most therapists can expect to undertake in their career. In today’s social and political climate, in which soldiers are continually being deployed to war zones and the recent recession has been linked to an increase in child abuse, we can anticipate that many cases of complex trauma are sure to… Read more »

The Fantasy Bond Defined for Professionals

An Introduction to The Fantasy Bond with Dr. Lisa Firestone  

Why Going Back Home Can Leave Us Feeling Lost

Do you ever notice things feeling a bit off after seeing your family? Do the voices in your head second-guessing you get a little louder? Do you notice words coming out of your mouth that don’t even sound like you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you, like so many others,… Read more »

How to Keep Your Marriage Close and Exciting

When couples first get together the original “spark” they feel can become the mysterious element that alludes them later in their relationship. While many couples call it quits when they stop feeling that early flame, some stick it out accepting that relationships change, and the initial excitement cannot last in any relationship. Accepting defeat is… Read more »

Quiz: Is Your Self-Esteem Low?

Like stress, putting ourselves down is just one of those commonly accepted psychological conditions we seem to tolerate without putting up too much of a fight. The “critical inner voice” describes the self-shaming thoughts we experience and the ways they attack us in various areas of our lives. The negative thoughts and feelings generated by… Read more »

“Stuck” A life lesson on parenting by Debra Kessler, Psy.D.

My daughter and I were watching videotapes of her when she was little.  At 17 years of age, she likes to laugh at herself revisiting times when she was small and still trying things she has since learned she is not good at, such as singing and dancing.  In one of the tapes when she… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Kids Watching TV

The great TV debate has long lingered on the minds of concerned parents. The effects TV can have on child’s brain development and learning abilities are worth considering. The social, physical and educational woes that can result deserve even more attention since the release of a new study reported by CNN that links TV time… Read more »

Quiz: How Good Are You at Communicating?

Have you ever reached that point in a conversation when neither you nor the person with whom you are communicating can get anything across to each other? Or, have you ever found yourself face-to-face with someone (a co-worker, friend or romantic partner) as he/she throws his/her hands in the air and shouts, “It’s impossible to… Read more »