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The Role of Attention in Sustaining a Mindful and Purposeful Lifestyle

With change, uncertainty and overwhelm in our lives, resilience is essential in building our capacity to cope and recover from adversity. With mindfulness or presence as a foundation, we will explore how purpose can get us through the most discouraging days in connecting us to what matters most, giving direction and meaning to our lives. With pivoting, we’ll discuss how to muster the courage and cultivate the wisdom to make proactive changes when needed. We will also explore how pacing, as in using a wider lens to more clearly identify our purpose, can guide our passage through the different chapters of our lives. Finally, we’ll discuss how to incorporate both informal and formal sustainable practices into our everyday lives.

About the Presenter

Caroline Welch Caroline Welch is CEO and Co-founder, with Dr. Dan Siegel, of the Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica, California. She offers lectures and workshops to enhance well-being in our personal and professional lives. Caroline began her mindfulness practice 40 years ago while working in Japan. Caroline’s first book, The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women, is now available.

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