Tips for Taking Care of Toddlers

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The age when children begin to take their  first steps toward independence happens to be the same age when they are just taking their first steps. With toddlers, this new combination of strong curiosity and shaky coordination can keep a parent literally on their toes. Whether eating off the floor or reaching for something hot, bolting toward a staircase or slamming every cupboard, risk-taking behaviors seem to take over. As your toddler learns to walk and speak, parenting him or her becomes one of life’s enjoyable challenges. However, the love you feel for your child in these milestone moments may at times seem overshadowed by the necessity of saying “no” and gently removing them from every hazardous circumstance, while they kick and scream in frustration. So what is the best approach to parenting a toddler? How can you remain attuned to their needs, while being sensitive to their developing sense of self and wonder? Here you will find some key parenting tips for toddlers and ways to encourage good behavior.

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How important is it for children and babies to have the right amount of sleep each night?

Does a babies early life comfort affect them later on in life? such as having a uncomfortable highchair, could that cause joint and growing problems if they are not able to sit up correctly?

what could help your baby or child to stay comfortable during a long car journey?

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