Sea Lion Savior

Lately, there seems to be quite a bit of debate as to whether or not a sea lion saved my life after I jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to end my life. To be clear, there are a large number of reporters and speculators who have claimed it was really a seal…… Read more »

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Angels Beside Me

Every day I wake up is a beautiful day…These were my thoughts this very morning. These are the same thoughts I always have as I wake up every day. I am now and will be forever aware of what a true blessing life really is. This is how I feel as I recall knocking at death’s door 12 years… Read more »

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A Tragic Loss Can Result in Unexpected Gifts by Madeline Sharples

This is the season of gift giving and receiving. And right about now I’m usually thinking about what to get, how much to spend, and how will I ever get it there on time. For a procrastinator who doesn’t like to shop, my season of gifts can be daunting. However, it is also a time… Read more »

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