A Time to be Grateful

Why we need gratitude more than ever. Throughout the internet, it seems like even more people than usual are writing about gratitude this Thanksgiving. Most are puzzling about what there is to be grateful for during this horrific pandemic. People the world over are grappling with the shutdown of businesses and schools, the recommendations of… Read more »

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How to Be Confident

A Psychological Guide to Building More Self-Confidence Society offers us plenty of advice on how to be confident. “Just be yourself.” “Fake it til you make it.” “Dress for success.” Tips fly at us from every direction, from mothers to magazine covers. Some of this advice can be useful, but it can ultimately feel ineffective… Read more »

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Improve Your Mood Instantly

Recently the scientific community and the popular media were abuzz about the results of a global study entitled: Is daydreaming good for us? To answer this tough question, two researchers from Harvard University (graduate student Matthew Killingsworth and psychologist Daniel Gilbert) created an app so they could contact subjects at random times during the day… Read more »

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