patterns of behavior

How’s That Working for You?

Why are we so stubborn about changing certain patterns? “What would you say is your biggest weakness?” This is probably the most dreaded question in a standard job interview, in large part because it’s one we aren’t really expected to answer honestly. Instead, we’re supposed to guise the weakness as a strength. “I’m a perfectionist.”… Read more »

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VIDEO: Dr. James Garbarino Talks About the Advantages of Predictability, Regardless of the Situation

Watch an exerpt from PsychAlive’s exclusive interview with Dr. James Garbarino. Dr. James Garbarino talks about how predicting behavior in others is advantageous – and how irrational behavior can be hard to respond to. Dr. James Garbarino: I think whether it’s children or dogs, predictability generally is an asset in people’s relationships.  That people can… Read more »

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Breaking Free from Addiction

I must admit, I was curious as to why my sister was sitting me down to show me a recording of a dance she’d seen on a popular TV show.I watched, a bit skeptically, as the choreographer explained how she wanted the contemporary dance to symbolize a person’s struggle with addiction. The upbeat intro showed… Read more »

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