mental illness

Things I Wish I Was Told When Diagnosed With Depression

All of my remembered life I have been depressed. Therefore, depression feels deeply entwined with my identity. Most of that time I felt ashamed of being depressed and, therefore, ashamed of who I was. This is the tragic nature of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Because of the stigma, I thought I was alone, and,… Read more »

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What It’s Like To Live With Mental Disorder

When people get a bunch of paperwork or are rushing certain tasks to meet deadlines at work or at school, they sometimes utter words without a second thought. Words like “I’m going crazy” or “I’m having a panic attack.” Such casual remarks seem empty to others but to those who are suffering from mental illness,… Read more »

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For those Living with Mental Illness by Michael D. Rosberg Ph.D.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Michael D. Rosberg Ph.D. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to the PsychAlive mental health community. In the coming months I will be blogging about the issues facing persons suffering from a major mental illness, along with the important issues facing the families and friends of these… Read more »

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