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How to Not Lose the "Me" When Becoming a "We"

Typical relationship scenario: You start out feeling like the very best version of yourself that you have ever been and before you know it, you are digging around in the relationship looking for some remnant of that person you were when you fell in love. “Where did I put that person? Where is that “Me”?… Read more »

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A Happy Couple Makes for Happy Kids

Everyone knows that a happy marriage makes for a happier you but most don’t stop to ponder the psychological implications of a happy marriage for the children. Being loved by your partner and loving your partner in return makes you a happier, more cheerful being and this happiness is indubitably contagious. “The happiness and security… Read more »

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What Love is Not: A Proven Method to Make Love Last

Long have poets and scholars, romantics and intellects, teenagers and grandparents pondered the question: What is love? Yet, as we repeatedly find ourselves in the same relationship pitfalls, broken-hearted or fervently re-seeking that initial spark, perhaps a more beneficial question is, what isn’t love? As much as we as a species are capable of involuntarily… Read more »

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