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Dealing with Unresolved Trauma

Recently, a friend of mine who suffers from chronic lower back pain came back from yet another visit to the doctor with a bit of unexpected advice. Instead of the usual discussion of shots, medications, physical therapy, or even surgery, ...

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It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health

“Your feelings aren’t that important.” “No one cares how you feel.” “Just forget about it.” “Bury your emotions.” “Keep a stiff upper lip.” “There’s no point in being sad.” “What’s wrong with you anyway?” “Be strong.” “Keep calm and carry ...

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Staying Healthy for Our Most Vivacious Self

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That’s what a physical trainer I met at a friend’s 40th birthday party told me several years ago. Frankly, it scared me. Not being an exerciser by nature, I pictured myself before ...

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Why Sleep is So Necessary and in Such Short Supply

Sleep Deprivation, sleep and mental health, insomnia

Lack of sleep can lead to Anxiety, Depression, Decreased Immune Function, Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. We are a deeply sleep deprived society relying more and more on pharmaceuticals to correct this dysfunction. Myths and Beliefs about Sleep ...

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Restoring Recess by Carol Krucoff, E-RYT

Forget About Working Out — Resolve to Go Out and Play! So here we are, facing the end of another year, and if you’re like most Americans you’re probably resolving that—come January 1st–you’ll start a fitness program and get in ...

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