Why Can’t You Move on From Your Relationship?

Relationships often end after a pile-up of issues become too messy to unravel. We can’t always make sense of the dynamics that brought us to a tipping point, but we recognize on some level that the bad has outweighed the good. When a relationship starts to hurt our mental health on a consistent basis, there… Read more »

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A Divorce Story

“Going through my things after we decided to get divorced was like going through someone’s Estate.  It reminded me of how it felt when my grandmother passed away, only here I felt like I was the one who had died.” Rick told me this as we caught up over coffee a few weeks ago where,… Read more »

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My Parents Are Divorced Too

A Book for Kids by Kids. By Melanie, Annie and Stephen Ford as told to Jan Blackstone-Ford. Finally a book about divorce from the kids’ point of view! No one is better equipped to offer personal anecdotes, emotional accounts and sound advice on what children go through when their parents get divorced than the kids… Read more »

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