criminal justice

The Intersection of Health and Justice: Views from the Bench

There are few intersections that exist in the world of programs, policies, and disciplines. But when they do meet, they form an eclipse; a blinding phenomenon of worlds colliding. Such an interaction is rare, fascinating, and eternally life changing not only for the immediate players, but also for all who are impacted by its influence…. Read more »

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Working Behind the Wall: Mental Health of Correctional-Based Staff

When we think of incarceration, we think about people sentenced to prison. Perhaps we think of those in jail awaiting trial or serving a short sentence. When we think of reentry, the act of person’s returning home from prison, we think about sentenced people coming home. When we think about prison – we think of… Read more »

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How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going? Exploring the Intersection of Mental Health and Criminal Justice: A Look At The Past and a Plan For Our Future

Introduction It is a tremendous honor to be extended the opportunity to talk with the readers of Psychalive about the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. My career has allowed me entry into correctional, policy, and not for profit settings. This has provided the chance to learn from field experts about the realities of… Read more »

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