coping during covid-19

Choosing Humanity

2020: Amidst alarm, heartbreak, TV binging and AI manipulation, a sense of agency rediscovered. During this pandemic, I have had unprecedented time alone. My first weeks were primarily filled with fear and horror, first overwhelmed by the mysterious, global and deadly nature of the virus and then awash with anguish and nausea after seeing the… Read more »

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Experts at Home: Dr. Risa Ryger on Helping Families Cope During Covid-19

  In this Experts at Home conversation, Dr. Risa Ryger joins Dr. Lisa Firestone to discuss the struggles parents and children are facing during Covid-19 and strategies to help families handle tough times. Watch Now: Subscribe to PsychAlive (it’s free!) to see more Experts at Home.  

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“Control What You Can:” Breaking Down This Not-so-easy Action Into 5 Manageable Steps

Terrified, exhausted, super scared, fearful, bracing, holding, preparing, anxious, fatigued, dreading, panicked, hopeful, fierce, steady. These are the words that people have used to describe their visceral feelings in this moment. ‘Control what you can’ is a prescriptive offered by many helping professionals to take the focus away from what is outside of our power and… Read more »

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