Amy Winehouse, the Reluctant Celebrity: A Parable On the Fatal Cost of Fame

With the nationwide release of Amy, the bio-doc of Amy Winehouse, I am reminded of the all too often fatal cost of fame. After seeing the movie, there is something I want to shout from the highest peak so that people can it hear this loud and clear: “Fame can kill you!” In the first… Read more »

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Striving for Greatness: Be the Star of Your Own Show

Lady Gaga’s large persona is everywhere you look. TMZ is staked out with cameras on every corner. Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood are so mainstream that by now they are passé. Celebrity culture is a redundant term these days, because celebrity has become culture in the United States. The terms are synonymous. Lindsay, Paris, Britney,… Read more »

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Fame is a Dangerous Drug: A phenomenological glimpse of celebrity

Fame is a dangerous drug. I should know. I wrote the book on it — or, rather, the book chapter. That chapter, “Ready for the Close-up: Celebrity experience and the phenomenology of fame,” describes the dead-end cycle of fame’s merry-go-round through first-hand reports of celebrity experience in the book Film and Television Stardom. As was… Read more »

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