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Why Are We So Self Critical?

“I just feel so embarrassed. Why on earth did I take this job in the first place? What a failure.” As she uttered these words, my friend’s typically upbeat tone sounded pained and dejected. Her typically animated eyes were fixed dazedly on the floor. Getting laid off by a boss is tough, but what she… Read more »

How to Make Love Last

In June, during the first warm days of summer, we behold the most popular month to get married, while in the frosty winter month of January, we witness the most divorces. Throughout the wedding season, many of us are filled with feelings of optimism and hope for lasting romance. Yet, weather aside, by the time… Read more »

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Eight Ways to Actively Fight Depression

When you’re depressed, it often feels like nothing in the world can make you feel better. Depression is a devious disorder, because the symptoms it creates can discourage you from completing the very actions or seeking the help that would get rid of the affliction once and for all. Lack of energy, low self-esteem and dwindling excitement are some of the symptoms that make it hard to get out of a depressed state.