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Learn the CPR of Suicide Prevention Webinar Resources

Here you will find resources from Dr. Lisa Firestone’s September 11, 2014 Webinar “Learn the CPR of  Suicide Prevention.” The slides from the presentation, video clips, books, films and additional mentioned resources are all available here. Missed the Webinar? Watch now: See slides from “Learn the CPR of Suicide Prevention” here See a full list of upcoming Webinars… Read more »

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Webinar Resources: Social Media and Marketing for Mental Health Professionals

Here you will find all resources from the May 7 Webinar “Social Media and Marketing for Mental Health Professionals.” View slides from the Webinar here To request a video recording of this Webinar contact [email protected]. See Upcoming Webinars from PsychAlive All Webinars are provided for free by The Glendon Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to… Read more »

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Treating Violent Individuals – NOFSW Conference

See Slides from Dr. Lisa Firestone’s Presentation:

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