Protected: Are You Leaving Parts of Your “Self” Behind? Webinar Video

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About the Author

Risa Ryger Dr. Risa Ryger is a Clinical Psychologist and Founder of 93% Consulting. She earned her Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Doctorate from Columbia University. Dr. Ryger has held academic appointments at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell University Medical School. Her clinical practice includes working with children, teens and adults. Dr. Ryger is the creator of Dynamic Integrative Psychotherapy™, an integrative treatment approach that helps individuals attain deeper self-understanding, improve their emotional and physical well-being, and develop ongoing self-accountability that reflects and supports the “integrated wholeness” of personhood. As an Expert in Change™, Dr. Ryger believes that change can be our super power when we know how to harness it for positive growth. She created “Disruptive Self-Ownership”, a process to re-claim your full “self”. Dr. Ryger is the host of her weekly show, “Speak Your Mind with Dr. Risa Ryger” and proudly serves on the Advisory Council of Mindfulness Without Borders. Dr. Ryger knows that, “Positive change can happen at any point in your life”.  You can follow Dr. Ryger on Instagram and at LinkedIn

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