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Video: Dr. John Norcross on lasting self-change

Dr. John Norcross talks about external support being an integral part of lasting self-change



JN:      It seems like most of us can get through change for a couple weeks, even in the most negative, invalidating environments.  But over time, the corrosive effects of not having support, empathy, coaching, encouragement begins to wear on us.  And that’s where, about a month in to change behavior, that having that support team makes a huge difference.  So whether it’s New Year’s resolutions, depression, anxiety, developing a new skill, having a change team makes a huge difference to success.  And, I’m always asked, “But I don’t have that many people,” or, “My partner isn’t supportive,” or, “My kids have moved out of the house.”

There are so many different ways to secure this support.  There’s on line support group, there’s co-workers, there’s friends from earlier in your life who can be on the telephone or shoot you an email. On our website for the book,  www.changeologybook.com, we even have a list of apps and websites that will feed you inspiring quotes and motivational messages.  For a while, I thought that was like, “Well, I’m not sure that would really be useful.”  It turns out the research suggests that it does.  So, just receiving a little acknowledgment, come validation, a reality check now and then, turns out to be quite

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