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Violence Prevention Webinars

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The Origins of Violence in Child Abuse

A CE Webinar with James Garbarino, Ph.D. – This Webinar will explore the dynamic links between untreated child abuse and violent behavior in adolescence and adulthood. The role of untreated childhood trauma in producing the “moral damage” and “emotional damage” evident in ...

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Understanding and Preventing Violence

A Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – This Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone explores the many causes of violence. What are some of the psychological roots of violent behavior? How can we understand violence as it occurs in our society? ...

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Understanding and Effectively Treating Violence

A CE Webinar with Dr. James Gilligan – This Webinar will summarize a theory of the causes and prevention of violent behavior, meaning the infliction of injury, especially lethal or life-threatening injury, on a person by a person. The topics discussed will ...

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Understanding and Assessing Violence

A CE Webinar with Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. –  The prodigious rates of violence in our country establish a need for an understanding and accurate assessment of violence risk. This Webinar will address these concerns by providing participants with a developmental understanding ...

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