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7 Ways to Increase Self-Awareness in Writing

...olve focusing on the breath, music or special mantras. 7. Hypnosis. This is a way to explore the subconscious mind and helps to release certain beliefs, personal demons or traumas. While in the hypnotic state, the person receives positive messages from the hypnotist that can help empower and facilitate change. Read more from Diana Raab at www.dianaraab.com...

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Daily Self Portrait: Fashion is More than What You Wear

...the local makeup counter and clothing store to discover, like the Princess, our best look? Princess Kate doesn’t pull off her polished appearance alone. She has a lot of help. And Kate’s late, beloved mother-in-law, Princess Diana? She personified personal style with fashion choices that women the world over found inspiring and emboldening, even in a monarchy that up until then was not known for style. Through her style Princess Diana told a...

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How to Write your Way to Bliss

...head Avoid thinking about having a beginning, middle or end in your writing Make writing a habit If you have difficulty beginning, try writing a letter to someone. Sometimes writing to an audience allows the words to flow. Important: You don’t have to mail it Pick a word that keeps popping in your mind and write about it Creatively Yours, Diana...

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