Three Questions That Could Change Your Relationship With Food

When my niece was a teenager, she asked a group of her friends to guess the number of calories in a serving of corn nuts she was eating. Because none of them had ever eaten corn nuts before, she posed the question as more of a random game of trivia than out of any concern… Read more »

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Exploring the Underlying Emotions Behind Weight Loss and Weight Gain

In her first session with me, Rose exclaimed emphatically, “No offense to you, but I feel that I should be able to control my food and weight by myself without the help of a therapist!” Over the years, Rose had tried various ways to cure her food and weight obsession. Although she had been able… Read more »

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What’s Behind Emotional Overeating?

Last month, Michelle Obama made a special guest appearance on the long-running hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. I’d heard about the show’s premise: contestants who struggle with obesity and often face serious health risks relocate to a fitness ranch, where together they learn about nutrition, diet, and exercise, while competing to lose weight. But… Read more »

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