Suicide Prevention Advice

Suicide is such a disturbing subject that discussing it is often viewed as being socially unacceptable. However, when the subject is opened up, it is surprising how many people reveal that their lives have been directly touched by suicide. Suicide is upsetting and confusing. How can someone be so turned against themselves that they would… Read more »

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Helpful Tips on Ending a Fight

Dr. Lisa Firestone talks about some of the best techniques for getting along in our relationships. Watch more from Dr. Lisa Firestone

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Helper Tasks – How You Can Help Someone Who’s Suicidal

Here are some ways you can help a person at risk for suicide: Engage – Engage the person at risk in a personable way, use eye contact, give your full attention, don’t let yourself get distracted. Explore – Explore their situation from his or her point of view by encouraging the open expression of their… Read more »

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