sexual identity

What’s Ruining Your Sex Life?

Sexuality invites us to be in the moment, connected to our body, our senses, and to another person. Yet having a “critical inner voice” sounding off in our minds during sex is a little like having an extra person in the room critiquing everything from our desirableness to our performance. These critical inner voices take us… Read more »

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Personal Sexual Identity

      It is important to be an individual, and embrace your differences. Although, as human beings we have many similarities, we are not all the same. In fact, every single person experiences every situation differently. Even if two people experience something at the same time, both of their experiences will be slightly different…. Read more »

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Identity, Sexuality, and Society’s Assault on the Self: A Commentary on John Irving’s Novel, In One Person

John Irving’s latest novel, In One Person, is a timely statement about men and women, the nature of sexuality, and society’s assault on the self. Although a work of fiction, the book faithfully reports the real-life struggles of certain people to become who they were destined to be; people different from the rest of us,… Read more »

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