raising kids

The Key to Raising Independent, Capable Kids

Am I being nurturing or neglectful? As parents, it can be challenging to find the line between caring for our children and doing too much for them. It can be equally tricky to know when encouraging them to do something on their own has crossed the line into not supporting them when they need us…. Read more »

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Keeping Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

Every parent knows that the day your child gets a license, things change. It’s no longer your driving skills keeping your children safe, it’s theirs. Not only do they become responsible for their own life on the road, but they become accountable for the safety of others as well, including the children of other equally… Read more »

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Your Role in Your Child’s Development

In the ideal family, the basic respect that is extended to adults is also extended to children. Each child is viewed as a unique person in his/her own right; separate from other children, adults, parents and family members. There is an interest in this new individual who is at the beginning of life, and is… Read more »

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