How to Deal with Jealousy

No one enjoys feeling jealous. Yet, jealousy is an inevitable emotion that pretty much every one of us will experience. The problem with jealousy isn’t that it comes up from time to time, but what it does to us when we don’t get a hold on it.  It can be frightening to experience what happens… Read more »

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The Perfect Family Vacation – Why We Are Not There Yet

Family vacations have long been the subject of sitcoms and PG comedies, each following more or less the same predictable plotline: hopeful parents force resistant children into some mobile form of a bonding opportunity. They then undergo several slapstick disasters before everyone simultaneously recognizes the importance of family and enjoys a Brady Bunch-style, fun-in-the-sun finale…. Read more »

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Busting the Myths About Suicide

There are many commonly held beliefs about suicide that keep us from trying to help people at risk. Here are some of the typical misconceptions about suicide that are NOT true: Most suicides are caused by one particular trigger event. A person who attempts suicide has to feel bad about themselves for a long period… Read more »

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