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Creating a Life of Meaning and Compassion: Part I

The beginning of this month marks a half year of being quarantined in my home. I really can’t complain; I am living with my husband and some family members in a comfortable house in a lovely setting. But it’s getting long and it’s hard to see an end to my situation in the near future…. Read more »

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The Key to a Long and Happy Life

In 1938, Harvard researchers began to study a group of sophomores at the then-all-male school. The goal of the study was to “identify the psychosocial predictors of healthy aging.” Today, the longitudinal study, known as the Harvard Study of Adult Development, has gone on for 80 years and has even expanded to include some of… Read more »

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The Search for a Better Life: How to “Live Well”

In my experience of asking people what it means to live well, the answers I’ve received, while sharing some common threads, have been as varied as the individuals with whom I’ve spoken. I became interested in these questions during my time studying philosophy as an undergraduate. Philosophical inquiries into “living well” and how to do… Read more »

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