feeling anxious

What to Do When You Feel Paralyzed by the News

Nowadays, waking up to the news can feel like being submerged into a cloud of dust. Suddenly, the air around us feels murky, unsafe, suffocating, and hard to navigate. With each headline comes another puff of sour confusion, a steady sidewind of despair, or a giant gust of overpowering anxiety. And while the headlines themselves… Read more »

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7 Practices to Keep Calm in the Face of Uncertainty

“Uncertain” is likely a mild way to put how we’re all feeling right now. This year has presented so many shocks to our systems, many of us are struggling to retain any sense of equilibrium. The deer in the headlights feeling of “what comes next?” has our anxiety at peak levels. While there are real… Read more »

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“Control What You Can:” Breaking Down This Not-so-easy Action Into 5 Manageable Steps

Terrified, exhausted, super scared, fearful, bracing, holding, preparing, anxious, fatigued, dreading, panicked, hopeful, fierce, steady. These are the words that people have used to describe their visceral feelings in this moment. ‘Control what you can’ is a prescriptive offered by many helping professionals to take the focus away from what is outside of our power and… Read more »

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