The Second Wave: The Emotional Impact of the Prolonged Pandemic

Everyone is struggling to cope during these unprecedented times. The second spike that was predicted for winter has already begun. We have no idea if and when a vaccine will be developed and then distributed. We are basically in the same alarming situation we were in when Covid first appeared in March and our future… Read more »

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Coping With Anxiety

7 Ways of Managing and Coping with Anxiety Millions of people are coping with anxiety. Whether our worries are global, political, or entirely personal, it’s easy to become consumed by them. This can leave us feeling powerless and paralyzed, a state which is never conducive to either finding peace or making change. In order to be the… Read more »

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Coping Suggestions for the Suicidal Person

Here are some suggestions for supportive tools that you can create now to help you at those times when you are feeling down and distressed. When you start to feel bad, take them out and go through them; read them, examine them, listen to them; they are there to remind you that you want to… Read more »

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