couple fighting

4 Steps to Help Your Partner Hear Your Concerns

One of the key signs of a secure and healthy relationship is the ability to be honest. Having a partner with whom we can communicate freely and easily is a fundamental piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving genuine closeness. It’s also the only way for the person we’re with to truly know… Read more »

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How to Handle Feeling Wronged By Your Partner

One of the deepest sources of conflict in a relationship occurs when there’s a breach of trust. When we feel hurt or deceived by a partner, many of us experience a sense of betrayal. Feeling blindsided by someone with whom we’d felt secure can trigger a wide range of emotions. In this stirred up state,… Read more »

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Is There a Place for Constructive Anger in Your Relationship?

Anger is one of the most misunderstood and undeveloped emotions we carry within us. Most of the couples I see in my private practice struggle with the expression of anger in one form or another. Either they swallow their anger, or they are harshly blaming but incapable of constructively expressing their angry feelings toward their… Read more »

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