child development

“Stuck” A life lesson on parenting by Debra Kessler, Psy.D.

My daughter and I were watching videotapes of her when she was little.  At 17 years of age, she likes to laugh at herself revisiting times when she was small and still trying things she has since learned she is not good at, such as singing and dancing.  In one of the tapes when she… Read more »

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Your Role in Your Child’s Development

In the ideal family, the basic respect that is extended to adults is also extended to children. Each child is viewed as a unique person in his/her own right; separate from other children, adults, parents and family members. There is an interest in this new individual who is at the beginning of life, and is… Read more »

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Nerf Guns – What Are We Afraid of? by Debra Kessler, Psy.D.

For the holidays I gave a Nerf gun to my 8-year -old nephew. He was delighted. It was his first Nerf gun. He took great joy in taking aim at the window, door or any place where he was allowed to shoot. It was the first time I saw genuine spontaneous pleasure cross his otherwise… Read more »

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