Addicted to Doomed Relationships?

If we were asked, as an exercise, to craft a personal ad detailing what we want in a partner, it may read something like: Seeking someone who is kind and patient, independent yet loving, laid back, yet energetic. Someone who is confident but isn’t afraid to laugh at him/herself. Someone attractive but down to earth…. Read more »

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Beyond the Symptom of Food, the Hunger Disease that Lies Beneath by Angela Wurtzel

This blog is being written for anyone who may be interested in understanding eating disorders, self-injury and compulsive shopping from a psychologically dynamic point of view. It will address the underlying hunger of these symptomatic disorders. I am a psychotherapist in private practice and I work mainly with people struggling with an eating disorder, self-injury… Read more »

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Addictions and addictive behaviors are appealing because they offer immediate relief from psychological pain and anxiety. However the relief is only temporary; they never provide a lasting solution to our problems. When we “sober up” we find that our emotional pain is still there. A serious side effect of addictive behaviors is that they do… Read more »

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