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Feeling Like a Failure

…new skill, having a change team makes a huge difference to success,” said Norcross. Finding a team of people in our lives who support our goals and see us through compassionate eyes can help us stay on our own side and stand up to our inner critic. Even when we experience a setback, we can rely on these people to keep us from spiraling back into feeling like a failure. If we don’t feel this support from our close family or friends, we can seek it…

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Changeology: Tailoring Therapy to the Stages of Change

    In this Webinar: Dr. John Norcross will present Changeology, a proven science of self-change. The evolution of psychotherapy and the science of behavior change call for integrative, evidence-based treatments tailored to the individual client and couple. Backed by 30 years of research, this workshop provides effective methods for adapting the treatment method and the therapy relationship to the patient’s stage of change. You will learn to rapi…

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