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“I couldn’t have asked for better articles and direction… PsychAlive is exactly the kind of site I have been searching for.  And when I found it last week I was ecstatic!  It compliments my intentions and understanding of parenting and self in every way…. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning so much through it.”

Karrie Ann Snure,
Parent, California

“A very clean look, easy to navigate… I did want to acknowledge your success in producing a seemingly very simple product that clearly contains a wealth of content on complex topics — no easy task!… As a at Fielding I’ve had occasion to review some of the fantasy bond literature and have found it quite valuable; that makes me especially eager to become more acquainted with the site.”

Lynn Temenski
Media Psych doctoral student

“Thank you for information; your site is informative and appears others will find it helpful. Glad that this is a resource and available.”

L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Researcher, California

“The site PsychAlive is great!  I have explored it for a few hours and find its content and links very informative!  I like the idea of dividing it up into the specific areas of self, intimacy and parenting…I particularly enjoyed the workshop and began a unit, entered a journal sample and again appreciated the quality of the content…Personally this is a site I will spend a lot of time on and recommend it to all colleagues and friends – along with community mental health at our local hospital… Great work, excellent and very valuable resource…Congrats and way to go from down under!!!”

Trish Harris

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