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Communication Between Couples

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Healthy communication is one of the most essential keys to maintaining a close relationship. One of the biggest problems in communicating is that most couples have a basic misconception regarding the purpose of communication and approach talking with a partner as a debate. Communication should involve the collaboration of two people, as they share and examine all of their perceptions, feelings, ideas and thoughts to come to an accurate understanding of each other and their circumstances. Here you can learn to identify negative ways you might be communicating with your partner as well as techniques to achieving better communication in your relationship.

Real Love or a Fantasy Bond

fantasy bond webinar

A Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – Living a life in which we are truly loved and loving toward another person is not as easy as it is assumed to be. The challenges we face in getting close to someone can ...

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How to Make Love Last

How to make love last

A Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – Most people say they want to find love, but deep down they hold an unconscious fear of intimacy that keeps them from achieving lasting and fulfilling relationships. This Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone introduces ...

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How to Improve Your Relationship


A Webinar with Dr. Lisa Firestone – What prevents most people from being able to sustain romantic, meaningful relationships that satisfy their needs and desires? Why do people often feel compelled to punish those closest to them? What qualities should a person ...

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Fantasy Bond


Film supplement to the book “The Fantasy Bond”. In this dynamic interview, Dr. Robert W. Firestone discusses his concept of the “Fantasy Bond” and its relationship to the neurotic process with Dr. Richard Sieden, suicidologist, and Barry Langberg, attorney. The ...

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The Fear of Intimacy


Subtitle: An Examination of Withholding Behavior Patterns. A deeply moving program that explores the barriers to intimacy and closeness. In this compelling film, Dr. Robert W. Firestone and participants in a seminar on relationships expose the basis of the fear ...

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Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships

Sex Love

by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D. Lisa A. Firestone, Ph.D. Joyce Catlett, M.A. Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships proposes that sexual problems are largely related to defenses acquired through painful childhood experiences, and that individuals can be helped to overcome these ...

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The Fantasy Bond

The Fantasy Bond

by Robert W. Firestone, Ph.D. Foreword by R.D. Laing, M.D. Based on 28 years of research into the problem of resistance, this book offers a consistently developed set of hypotheses centering around the concept of the “fantasy bond,” an illusion ...

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The Ways We Lie

the ways we lie

There’s a scene in the movie Something’s Gotta Give that simply and succinctly captures one reality about the truth. After catching the man she loves on a date with another woman, Diane Keaton is chased out of the restaurant by ...

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