Mental Health Making a Lasting Impact in the New Decade

With the first few weeks of the new decade already underway, lawmakers across the nation have been urging for change in an area that historically has been overlooked: mental health.  Efforts both big and small have already been put into action, fostering a hope that with the turning of the new year, a larger importance… Read more »

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What Is Good Self-Care, and Why You Deserve It

All my life I’ve been living in the fast lane Can’t slow down, I’m a rolling freight train One more time, gotta start all over Can’t slow down I’m a lone red rover Oh how did it come to this?         ~Lyrics from “Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons From an early age many… Read more »

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Comforting Those Who Grieve

So many people get stuck when it comes to comforting someone who is grieving. They don’t know what to say. They don’t know what to do. So they send flowers, they bring over a casserole for the already filled-to-the-brim freezer, they send a sweet card, or they sometimes just avoid the issue entirely, thinking maybe… Read more »

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