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Finding the Balance Between Using Social Media and Improving Your Self-Esteem

Social Media has irrevocably changed our lives. Since the dawn of its invention, everybody has had their own opinions on how to use these platforms. I grew up with the scrutinization from older relatives for “always being on my phone,” and often resented my father for taking my phone away when it was past 10… Read more »

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Which is Worst for Your Mental Health: Instagram, Facebook or YouTube?

Social media is a relatively new experience for the human psyche. With social networks becoming more ingrained in people’s lives each year and each generation, it is vital that we understand the full impact each social network has on our mental health. A new report, #StatusOfMind, published by the Royal Society for Public Health in… Read more »

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The Facebook Effect: Benefits and Risks of Social Networking

In the age of social media, one can hardly finish a conversation with another individual without the other or oneself indiscreetly checking their smartphone. This scenario has become commonplace in everyday interactions, even in older generations, and begs the question “Is checking your Facebook mid-conversation keeping you socially connected or disconnecting you from relationships?” While… Read more »

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